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Pre-sloped Shower Pans for Square Shower Drain

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Pre-sloped Shower Pans for Square Shower Drain

Pre-sloped Shower Pans for Square Shower Drain are lightweight and durable .Pre-sloped shower pans are site-sizeable & replace the need for a traditional mortar bed, saving time & labor costs

QuickDrain SquareDrain Pre-sloped Shower Pans are tileable shower receptors made of extruded rigid PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic foam. Lightweight and durable, QuickDrain pre-sloped shower pans are site-sizeable and replace the need for a traditional mortar bed, saving time and labor costs. These pans are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and offer high compressive strength (145 PSI) while remaining non-reactive, economical and shatterproof. Custom sizes and configurations available upon request. Elevate your shower design with QuickDrain.

This base comes with the PET panels required to make your QuickDrain SquareDrain shower base. Small flange shower bases are compatible with the 4" SquareDrain body, while large flange shower bases are compatible with 5" and 6" SquareDrain bodies.

Drain Pans can be cut to size.

Key Features

  • SquareDrain PET pre-sloped shower pan

  • For use with QuickDrain large flange adaptor

  • Reduces installation time by 2 days compared to a traditional mortar bed; ready to leak test in as little as 2 to 3 hours

  • Can be used with both sheet membrane and liquid topical waterproofing

  • High compressive strength (145 PSI) resists dents and impressions for an even surface

  • Site-sizeable for easy modification and flexibility

  • Made of 100% post-consumer recycled content; fully recyclable

  • Chemically stable, UV resistant and suitable for both interior and exterior use

  • Includes (1) pre-sloped shower pan with large flange recess; (1) 48 in. formed curb; and (5) lag screws

  • Made of extruded rigid PET plastic foam

Shower Base Spec Sheet

Square Drain PET Pan KitSquare Drain Pan Kit

Installation Instructions

Square Drain Installation InstructionsSquare Drain Installation Instructions

Square Drain BrochureSquare Drain Brochure


SquareDrain Shower System | Square Drain Shower Base


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