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Curbless Shower Water Retaining System | 5' Shower

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Curbless Shower Water Retaining System | 5' Shower

Curbless Shower Water Retaining System | 5' Shower in White is a flexible SHOWER DAM which Keeps Water in Your Barrier Free or Curbless Shower!  Includes Rubber SHOWER dam / shower threshold ONLY.

NOTE: This product is intended for Pre-fabricated showers with radius corners and comes with radius end caps.  OTHER SIZES AND END CAPS ARE AVAILABLE


Air pressure often "blows out" the shower curtain which will then get the floor wet outside of the shower.  To keep the water in your curbless shower, you will also need a weighted shower curtain.  The flexible shower dam will prevent the weighted shower curtain from blowing out of the shower.

The WaterStay Threshold is for people who just want to purchase a FLEXIBLE shower dam.  Purchase the shower dam and you get one of the two things (shower dam + weighted shower curtain) that you need to keep water in your Barrier Free Shower or Curbless Shower..

A flexible and collapsible shower dam material that gives the shower curtain a surface to rest against.  The flexible showe dam helps prevent shower curtain blow-out.  

The collaspsible shower dam works best when paired with a weighted shower curtain for barrier free showers.  A regular shower curtain will "blow-out" at the bottom of your shower when you turn your water on.  A Weighted Shower Curtain is designed hold the water in the Barrier Free shower works best when it has a collapsible shower dam to rest against.  

Weighted Shower Curtain - Vinyl Weighted Shower Curtain - Fabric

Collapsible Shower Dams  

The Water Stopper shower dam is Sold By Shower Size | Length.  Not Seeing the Size You Need?  Please Call 877-392-2531.   EZ Able® also sells products in bulk.  

Curbless Shower Water Retaining System | 5' Shower


Typically ships in 1 - 3 Business Days.  Please Call 877.392.2531 for shipping availability and cost to ship to locations outside of the Contiguous USA.

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