Curbed Shower Base | TILE

Curbed Shower Base systems specifically designed for TILE applications offer a convenient and efficient solution for creating a stylish and functional shower space. Available in both pre-fabricated and custom options, these Curbed Shower Bases provide a seamless foundation for your tiled shower enclosure.

With a range of products such as QUICKdrain, Inside Corners, and various Showerline Drain Pan Sloping Kits, you can easily customize your Curbed Shower Base to suit your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require a 32" or 72" pan, there are options available to accommodate showers of various sizes.

The inclusion of innovative features like the QUICKdrain ADA Quick Slope Panel ensures that your shower base meets ADA compliance standards while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic. Additionally, products like the Foam Shower Curb for Tile Shower Pan provide added convenience during the installation process.

Tile Ready Shower Pans in different sizes and drain configurations offer further flexibility in designing your ideal shower space. The PROLINEdrain Curbed Shower Pan is a durable and reliable option that promises long-lasting performance.

For a seamless and efficient shower base solution for your TILE application, explore the range of Curbed Shower Base products available in this category. Create a stylish and functional shower space with ease and confidence.