Portable Shower Stall | FAWSsit B5000 Bariatric

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Portable Shower Stall | FAWSsit B5000 Bariatric

Portable Shower Stall | FAWSsit B5000 Bariatric Indoor Shower.  This standard size model is a portable, temporary shower which is great for rehabilitation situations.  Size: 46"x 46" x 44"

This Portable Shower Stall is for use by individuals up to 400 lbs, or who may require a slightly reclined wheelchair whose depth does not exceed 45"

The B5000 Bariatric FAWSsit™ portable shower stall has the same design as the S2000 Standard FAWSsit™, but it was added to the product line to meet the needs of two distinct groups.

Group 1) For individuals who require an oversized wheelchair and shower to bathe, as opposed individuals with disabilities who are able to use a standard sized wheelchair. 

Group 2) It was also designed for individuals who may be able to fit into a standard sized wheelchair, but who may have foot or leg issues which require additional depth to accommodate their foot extension. 

As with the other FAWSsit™ models, the B5000 Bariatric FAWSsit™ portable shower is for those who find that traditional bathing facilities are difficult or impossible to use, and who may not be able to do re-modeling of the bathroom to allow for full accessibility.  This bariatric shower stall costs a fraction of what a traditional bathroom remodel would.  Users include renters, seniors, hospice patients, or large individuals with almost any type of permanent or temporary disability for whom showering or bathing is no longer safe or even possible. While the B5000 model is for individuals who are still able to use a standard Bariatric wheelchair, if a custom size is required, Care Giver Support Products will be happy to provide a bid.

Portable Shower Requirements:

  • For use by individuals weighing up to approximately 400 lbs

  • A faucet and drain within 15 feet of the intended shower location.

  • wheelchair depth or width less than 44 inches

  • Any standard faucet to which a (QC) Quick Connect 15ft hose with flow control On/Off shower sprayer can be attached.  (A universal adapter is also provided to help ensure connection capability.)

  • Footprint - 46 x 46 inches

  • Weight = 44 pounds

  • HCPCS: E1399  | EZ Able® does not bill insurance.  However, some private insurance will cover this product with a physician's prescription.  Please contact your plan administrator for details.  Medicare will not cover "bathing products".  However, with a rejection letter this product may be covered under the Medicare Waiver program which are administered by individual states.  Please GOOGLE "Medicaid Waiver" along with your STATE's Name to find your Medicare Waiver Agency.  



  • Germicide embedded vinyl

  • White plastic privacy shower curtain

  • Flexible rubber faucet attachments

  • Front curtain attached to side

  • Custom designed diaphragm wet/dry pump

  • Double layer vinyl drainpan

  • 46 Inches Wide x 46 Inches Deep x 44 inches High

  • A (QC) Quick Connect 15ft hose with flow control On/Off shower sprayer is provided with each of our Fawssit Showers. (A universal adapter is also provided to help ensure connection capability.)

The FAWSsit™ portable shower is folded flat when not in use, but when the sides swing open, a durable, flexible, nylon-mesh imbedded vinyl drain pan drops down and attaches to the back and sides of the frame.  The person in the wheelchair is then rolled into the stall after which a support arm drops down to form the fourth side for the drain pan.  Water comes from any standard faucet to which a (QC) Quick Connect 15ft hose can be connected. A universal adapter is provided to help ensure connection capability. A custom-designed, UL-Tested pump can run either wet or dry and is attached to the back of the shower frame.  Waste water is removed from the drain pan at a rate faster than the faucet flows water into the shower stall, and is pumped out to the sink drain.  This enables the FAWSsit™ shower to be set up anywhere within up to 15 feet of a water and drain source, but does NOT need to be in a bathroom only.  The shower curtain is a special germicide-embedded vinyl to help prevent mold or mildew during storage, and has a front privacy panel that may be left open for a care attendant to assist with showering when necessary.  

The size of the B5000 is 46” wide by 46” deep, and stands 44” tall.  With this unit, the person to be bathed can be rolled into the shower stall in a Bariatric shower/commode style of wheelchair.  Once inside the shower stall, a front support bar is lowered so that the fourth side of the shower pan can be attached for waste water collection.  A front shower curtain may be brought around for the person who is able to do their own bathing, or may be left open for easier caregiver access to assist with the bathing.

Four Models Available:

  • Standard S2000 CLICK HERE TO VIEW

  • SS4040 is a larger version of the S2000 with a footprint of 42 x 42 inches.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW

  • The Recliner R3000 is designed specifically for use with reclining wheelchairs and gurneys.  It extends to 78 inches in length and is only 36 high to make access for care attendants easier.  

  • The Bariatric B5000 is designed like the S2000, but its dimensions are 46 inches wide by 46 inches deep and 46 inches high.  SHOWN HERE


Four models of wheelchair showers for all individuals with disabilities who use wheelchairs, or who find traditional bathing facilities difficult. The Standard S2000, the SS4040, the Recliner R3000, and Bariatric B5000 portable showers are available for any skin conditions requiring water treatment.  Because the patient is able to remain in a wheelchair or on a gurney, there is almost no risk of injury from transfers or falls.

With all of the FAWSsit™ fold away showers, NO LIFTING OF THE PERSON from the wheelchair is required, so everyone involved stays safe.  No slipping, dropping, falling, or injuries to worry about with the FAWSsit™ Fold Away Wheelchair Shower.

The medical benefits of this device are clear:  Infections and skin breakdown caused by prolonged exposure to irritants or contaminants can now be treated thoroughly and in a timely manner.  And, body temperature can be regulated for quadriplegics and others whose temperature maintenance is critical.  

The FAWSsit Fold Away Shower is especially helpful to individuals with disabilities who live in rental units, mobile homes, or other locations where re-modeling is not an option. 

Care Giver Support Products, LLC will also custom-build FAWSsit™ showers for special needs individuals.

100% US Made

Portable Shower Stall | FAWSsit B5000 Bariatric

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FAWSsit™ LIMITED WARRANTY POLICY What is the Coverage Period? -10 years on the frame -One year on all other components -Extended warranties may be purchased for $100 for an additional year, but must be purchased at the original purchase time Warranties apply from the date of the original invoice, whether or not repairs or replacements are provided during the warranty period. No representative or person other than Care Giver Support Products, LLC is authorized to assume for us any other warranty in connection with the sale of this product. What is covered under the Limited Warranty during the warranty term? All parts defective in material or workmanship. If, during the warranty period, the product appears as though it may be defective, call our Toll Free number (1-877-329-7748). If the product is then alleged to be defective, you will be advised to send it to our Service Center. You will be given shipping instructions when you call the number listed above. Product under warranty, which upon receipt by Care Giver Support Products, LLC is determined to be defective in materials and/or workmanship will be repaired or replaced at Care Giver Support Products option at no cost to you and will be returned. Defective parts will be repaired or replaced with new or refurbished parts at Care Giver Support Products option. Be sure to include a description of the problem and a dated proof-of-purchase receipt with any product returned for warranty repair. The limited warranty does NOT cover the following: -A defect that has resulted from improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, accident, excess moisture to any component, improper storage, lightning, power surges, or unauthorized tampering, alteration, or modification. -Any damage caused when repairs have been attempted or made by others. -Any labor charges for dismantling or re-installing of a repaired or replaced unit. -Any product which no longer has a label bearing the serial number, or which has a label which has been defaced. This warranty is non-transferrable and applies only to the original client for whom the product was purchased from an Authorized Dealer or from Care Giver Support Products, LLC. Who pays shipping charges? For warranty repairs, you pay to ship the product to Care Giver Support Products, LLC. Care Giver Support Products pays to ship the product or its replacement back to you via ground shipping. Expedited shipping is the responsibility of the client. For out-of-warranty repairs, you pay to ship the product to Care Giver Support Products, LLC. The cost of ground shipping to the owner is included in the cost of the repairs or replacement. The provisions of this warranty are in lieu of any other warranty, whether express or implied, written or oral, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Care Giver Support Product LLC’s maximum liability shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid for the product from Care Giver Support Products, LLC. In no event shall Care Giver Support Products, LLC be liable for special, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages. FAWSsit™ RETURN POLICY This product is returnable up to 30 days after purchase. There is a 30% restocking fee and the customer is responsible for all shipping charges for all product returns.

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