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Level Entry Shower Waterproofing System | up to 20 SQFT

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Level Entry Shower Waterproofing System | For Showers Up to 20 Square Foot 

Level Entry Shower Waterproofing System is a tile base waterproofing system that provides a seamless, no step shower pan for tile showers.  

Applications: Large Showers, Custom Showers, Custom Showers with Seats, Showers with Body Sprays, etc.

The flexible waterproofing system is perfect for custom sizing for your unique shower configuration. Level Entry Shower System offers a limitless number of shower base sizes and is engineered to receive ceramic tile.  Using this system alleviate the hassle and concern of correctly sloping the floor to the drain as well as providing a leak proof seal.  

The Level Entry Shower waterproofing system for tile provides the best available water-proofing technology, mold & mildew mitigation, design flexibility, quality controlled pitch to drain, & barrier-free showering.  PLUS there is NO NEED TO CUT YOUR FLOOR JOIST to create the curbless custom tile shower of your dreams. 

What's special about the Level Entry System?

  1. You don't need to modify the floor joists to create a curbless tile shower with the Level Entry System

  2. You can create a double entry curbless shower with this system

  3. You aren't limited by shower size.  We can put together packages to meet your custom needs

  4. The system is ICC approved

  5. Customized advice available.  Call 877.392.2531 Now.

9 Square Feet KIT

Only KIT Parts

FREE DESIGN and MATERIAL LIST assistance available.  CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED  Please put "LES" in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section.  We also need to know how high up the walls you would like your waterproofing to extend. 

It is recommended that the waterproofing extends up the wall 84".  

Click HERE to Watch Installation Video  

Level Entry Shower Kit / EZA-LES6048-KIT INCLUDES:

Designed for showers up to 20 square foot footprint.  It is recommended that the waterproofing extends up the wall 84".  

  • 1 x LES6048 Pan may be trimmed to size.  (59.5" x 47.5") 

  • Brushed Stainless Steel Drain Strainer

  • Two gallons of Waterproofing "Liquid"

  • 1 x 6 inch x 75 foot crack suppression fabric

  • 1 x 38" x 37.5' crack suppression fabric

  • 1 x 25# Latex Fortified Quick Setting Patch

  • Drain FLOW:

    • 18 GPM for a 2" unobstructed and properly vented drain pipe.

    • 12 GPM for a 1-1/2" unobstructed and properly vented drain pipe.  NOTE: Some local plumbing code may not allow a shower to be connected to a 1-1/2" drain.  Please confirm with your local building code office prior to purchase.  


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  • Ships from North Carolina

Use the PRODUCT VIDEO tab above to view the video installation illustration.


Reinforcing & Crack Suppression Fabric / EZA-1750-6

  • 6 inches Wide X 75 foot Long

Reinforcing & Crack Suppression Fabric / EZA-NA1750-38

  • 38 Inches Wide X 37.5 foot Long crack suppression fabric

Water-Proofing & Crack Isolation Liquid / EZA-NA1740

  • One gallon of Water-proofing & Crack Isolation Liquid 

Water-Proofing Kit ONLY / EZA-LES-WPK

  • Two gallons of Water-proofing & Crack Isolation Liquid, 

  • 1-6 inch x 75 foot crack suppression fabric

Shower Base ONLY / EZA-LES6048

  • 59.5" x 47.5" pan

  • Drain Assembly & Brushed Stainless Steel Drain Strainer

  • 38 inch X 37.5 foot crack suppression fabric



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EZ Able® offers home modification, and lift products that comply with National Standards.  It is the purchaser's responsibility to check local building codes before purchasing EZ Able® products that fall under the jurisdiction of your local building code.  Local building codes may vary.  EZ Able®  IS NOT  responsible for any conflicts with local building codes.  Always refer to the Detailed Product Specification Sheet for Product Installation Information.

Level Entry Shower Waterproofing System | up to 20 SQFT

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AcrylX with the Strength of ArmorCore Lifetime Warranty American Bath Group, the manufacturer of EZ Able Products, warrants to the original purchaser and consumer that its products will be free from defects in material or workmanship when properly installed pursuant to American Bath Group installation instructions for the following warranty periods: Lifetime Warranty AcrylX, Residential* Use CenturyStone, Residential* Use Thirty (30) Year Warranty AcrylX, Commercial* Use (2) CenturyStone, Commercial* Use Upon inspection by an authorized representative, American Bath Group will repair or exchange at its sole discretion, any unit found to be defective in material or workmanship. The exchange of a unit will only be considered when American Bath Group has eliminated all options to restore the unit to acceptable factory condition. Exchange of a unit is limited to supplying replacement product of comparable size and style, and does not include any cost of removal or installation. EXCEPTIONS This warranty shall be voided if the unit is moved from its place of initial installation or is not installed in accordance with the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of the unit. American Bath Group will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from improper installation. Further, this warranty does not apply if the unit has been subjected to accident, abuse, misuse, damage caused by flood, fire, or other force of nature. Any unauthorized repair or modification to the product would render the warranty null and void. This warranty does not apply to any equipment or accessories not installed by American Bath Group and American Bath Group will not be held liable for any results of such acts. American Bath Group is not responsible for any consequential or incidental mishaps, inconvenience, time loss, incidental expense, materials or labor related to the installation of hardware or the actual tub. The owner agrees by use of the unit that the obligations of American Bath Group shall not extend to contingent or indirect damage or injury to the structure of its contents, that the obligations of American Bath Group are limited to those set forth herein, and that no other obligations, expressed or implied, are assumed by American Bath Group. The product is not recommended for outside storage. To obtain warranty service, the Customer must give prompt notice to American Bath Group of any claim.


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