Damaged, Wrong or Defective Items


Damaged, Wrong or Defective Items

We know how frustrating a damaged or defective item can be.

Shipping Damage

If your item is damaged IN SHIPPING, we will be sure to get a resolution for you if reported within 2 days of the delivery date.   Unfortunately, shipping carriers have very short window to make SHIPPING DAMAGE CLAIMS.  
PLEASE NOTE: You have the right to refuse any items that are defective, the wrong item or any item damaged in shipment.

Defective or Wrong Item

If you received a wrong or defective item, we will work to get a resolution for you, if the issue reported within 30 days of the order date.  
PLEASE NOTE: Used items are covered under the manufacturer's warranty and are subject to the item's manufacturer's warranty. 
To ensure we make your order right, we require a photo(s) of the damage and/or for the original item to be returned when providing a resolution.  
If you are instructed to return the original item and it is not received at our Returns Center, we reserve the right to reverse the refund or charge for a replacement unit. We reserve the right to refuse to service any issue if it isn't reported to us within the timeframes specified above.

Report Damaged, Defective or Wrong Items:

1) Open Chat Icon - it is located in the lower right of this screen.  chat-icon.png

then select TICKETS. 

2) Create a TICKET 

3) Attach photos that show the damage. Please upload photos that display:

  • The entire item (out of the box - if safe, please inspect the item even if the packaging is damaged),
  • The packaging if available,
  • Close-up and clear photos of the damage

4) Once your request is submitted, you will receive an email confirming your resolution and next steps.  Please allow 2 business days for EZ Able to process the ticket.  If you are asked to return the original item, instructions will be provided via email.

How do I know if my item has a manufacturer’s warranty?

To check item eligibility, scroll down on the item’s product page, view Warranty details under the “Warranty" Tab.

What if my open box or clearance item is damaged/defective?

We can assist with open box or clearance items however resolution options are limited.

What do I do if I am instructed to return my damaged/defective item but I don’t have the original packaging?

You can return the item in its original packaging or a similar box if the packaging has been damaged/discarded.

EZ Able is unable to provide boxes or packaging for the return.