Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories for Safe Bathing at great prices. We have everything from shower seats, toilet seat risers, handheld showers & MORE!  

Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Safety Products and Bathroom Mobility Aids to make the bath or shower more accessible for those who are recovering from surgery, an illness or an injury.




Bath & Shower Accessories

Bath & Shower Accessories to help getting in and out of the shower easier.  Products also available for those that need to sit while taking a shower. 

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Bedside Commodes | Shower Commodes

A Bathroom or Bedroom Aid that can be a chair with a hole in the seat and a pot underneath that is used as a toilet, or a pan that is used in the bed for bedridden individuals to urinate or have a bowel movement.

Shower Grab Bars | Bathtub Grab Bars

Shower Grab Bars & Bathtub Grab Bars can help increase safety.  A wide variety of styles and finishes available.

The addition of grab bars in the tub, by the toilet, and in transitional locations will enhance safety, and provide assistance to individuals of all ages and abilities.  Grab bars help to stabilize & maintain balance, which may help increase bathroom safety. Stylish, colorful and affordable options found here. 

Toilet Guard Rails | Easy to Install

Toilet Guard Rails help in prevent accidents in the bathroom. Toilet Guard Rails also make it easier for seniors or the disabled to sit down and stand up from the toilet.

Toilet guard rails and toilet frames attach to the toilet. Offering safety & arm rest support. If you need a little extra support, consider toilet guard rails.  Toilet Guard Rails offer added Safety & Security - Simple to Install. Toilet Guard Rails are affordable & help prevent accidents too. Quick Shipping, Shop Now.

Toilet Seat Risers

Toilet seat risers are designed to help make standing to sitting easier.  Typical riser is between 3-6 inches.

Toilet seat risers can also aid in transfer from wheelchairs, and may help prevent falls.  Most elderly falls occur in the bathroom.



Transfer Benches

Transfer benches are a safety item used in the bathroom in most cases. In the simplest terms transfer benches are used to allow a patient to slide from a wheelchair on a bench that sits half in and half out of the bath tub or shower.


Reclining Bath Chairs

Reclining shower chair are used by the disabled and elderly who no longer have the ability to sit up and bathe. Reclining shower chairs are specially designed bathing chairs that allow the individual to be tilted or reclined for easier cleaning. They consist of a PVC or aluminum frame, commode or sling seat, foot rests or leg rests and locking casters. Patients that have trouble holding their selves up may use a reclining shower chair to support their upper body in a position comfortable to them.

Bathtub Mats

Due to an Injury or sickness, a bath or shower floor may be slippery. A bath or shower mat that adds safety and security by providing a large slip proof surface in the bath.

Hand Held Shower Head Holders

Bathroom Aids to help with taking a shower or bath.


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